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statistical analysis and its application prospects, by Dr. Zhang Junni of Peking University
[Publish Date]: 2011-05-25 [visited]:

On the afternoon of May 25, School of Statistics, invited Associate Professor Zhang Jun Ni, of Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, to deliver a lecture on statistical analysis and its application prospects in Shahe campus, CUFE. In attendance were teachers, Bian Yajing, and Feng Shuai and School of Statistics, class of 09, with 10.

Introducing Professor Zhang Jun Ni, Mr. Feng Shuai, said that Professor Zhang graduated from China University of Science and Technology and has Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University. Her main research direction or interest is statistical applications, data mining, and Bayesian analysis.

In her presentation, Professor Zhang discussed the importance of statistics and statistical thinking in today's economic activity to policymakers. She explored the nature of uncertainty in the real world situation and used a market case to guide the students to express their views and perspectives. In relation to statistical and mathematical analysis, Professor Zhang encourages everyone to have the confidence in learning mathematics, and lay the foundation for the in-depth statistical learning and analysis of mathematical method.

Finally, Professor Zhang Jun Ni, encouraged students to enhance there understanding and knowledge of statistics, and advised students to have vision and goal and work towards achievement of such goal(s).