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Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Professor Xizhi Wu, Renmin University of China
[Publish Date]: 2011-11-08 [visited]:

Shahe campus, have peaceful and quiet surroundings surrounded by beautiful woodlands with amazing trails throughout. However, on 3rd of November 8, 2011, Professor Wu Xizhi of Renmin University lectures drew huge enthusiasm from students of the School of Statistics, and ignited their passion and awakens the usually quite campus.

Professor Wu Xizhi is well-known statistical expert, an academic leader in national statistics and he was one of the first statistics professionals to study PhD abroad. Professor Wu's research directions include the sequential analysis and optimal stopping time, he has extensive research and teaching experience and has published over 50 articles in international and domestic professional journals, and ten monographs and textbooks.

In his lecture, Professor Wu used laymans language to explain the meaning, application, development and prospects of statistic. For students to fully understand the concept, Professor Wu illustrated the processes of schooling, social experience, and teaching career. Subsequently, Professor Wu presented his unique insight into science and statistics. In his view, true science is the key to correct previous errors through exploration. He also provided examples to refute the false claim related to science in modern society. Professor Wu, at the same time, stated that statistics is an exploratory science, with a wide range of applications, and good employment prospects. Finally, Professor Wu advises students to develop positive attitudes to life, have hope, and make the right career decisions.

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