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The long journey to school status started in 1951 whena special training and research programs of statistics was initiated in the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). The first cohort of undergraduate students was admitted in 1952, specializing in industrial statistics, trade statistics, and agricultural statistics. In 1978, a teaching and research section of planning and statistics was established, when the university was moved back to its original location in Beijing. Following the establishment of teaching and research section, the university set up department of economics and management, and the section was renamed “Teaching and Research Section of Statistics”. In 1998, the first undergraduate students specializing in statistics were enrolled, and in the year 2000, the first cohorts of graduate students joined the school.
In 2002, owing to the increased demand from students and other stakeholders, university identified statistics as one of the key disciplines of the university programs. Subsequently, department of statistics was established in 2003, and in the same year the department was granted the authority to award the doctoral degree. Due to these developments, in 2006, together with the department of Quantitative Economic, the School of Statistics was formally established.
Excellence Awards
Striving to be recognized as the leading statistics school in China and even in the world, we benchmark our services against world-class standards. Infact, for the past 5 years, the School of Statistics has already achieved and exceeded many of the targets set out in our earlier plans and programmes and is now actively seeking to expand our horizons even further. Today, the school continues to earn national recognition for outstanding achievement in a number of areas including: 
(1) National Key Discipline: In 2007, both Statistics and Quantitative Economics are approved as the national key disciplines and Statistics is identified as one of the first batch of national special disciplines
(2) Teaching Excellence Award: In 2007, Our faculty was honored as the excellent teaching faculty in Beijing
(3) Applied statistics: After enrolling its first batch of students in 2010 for applied Statistics discipline, in 2011, the applied statistics was identified as first-class discipline with authority to award doctor degree. This was after the change of Discipline Catalog of Degree-granting and Professional Training.
(4) First-Class Discipline: In 2012, school of statistics is approved as first- class key discipline in Beijing.
Evolving nature of our curriculum
The School’s curriculum has evolved over the last 50 years into one of the most diverse, interdisciplinary, and transnational in the country, reflecting both the scholarly interests of our faculty and the needs of the profession and students. Currently, Economic Statistics is the leading discipline, with Socio-economic Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics, Risk Management and Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics as the secondary discipline. We will continue to review our curriculum and develop a new area of specialization based on the needs and aspiration of our people.
School of Statistics will continue to deepen the curriculum reform, establishes the foundational role of Mathematical Statistics and emphasizes the development pattern of an organic combination of statistical theories and applied statistical disciplines. All the curriculum and programs reforms will pay attention to integrity of first-class disciplines in Statistics, and encourage innovative and high-quality scientific researches and teaching. Many remarkable achievements have already been obtained in theoretical and applied statistical area.
Further, School of Statistics will continue to emphasize on the need for the various school disciplines to be localized. Therefore, there is need for introduction of advanced statistical theories and methods to solve the problems in China. The completion of “Perception of Livelihood of Citizens” and “Investigation of Consumers’ Confident Index in Four Region across the Strait” arouses great interests from different sectors of the society. This new development will not only assist in China’s economic development, but will also improve the social influence of Statistics in China.