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Dean's Welcome
[Publish Date]: 2012-11-02 [visited]:

Statistics describes the colorful world with its rich imagination, providing with the beauty of randomness. Mathematics is the elemental logic of understanding the universe with its insight, showing the beauty of the ultimate. Quantitative economics characterizes the profound in the world of economics, which is perfectly knitted by economics, statistics and mathematics. School of Statistics and Mathematic (SAM) where all the three subjects ideally merge into, is the most attractive academy of Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE).

SAM of CUFE has stood out since it was established in 2013.  Our mission and long-cherished wish are to integrate into world-class statistical institutes, to extend the applied statistics to China, to educate high-end talent, and to serve for China. 

SAM of CUFE grows up with the development of statistics, mathematics and quantitative economics in China. With several generations of great efforts, and being beneficial from the integration of multidisciplinary, our school has been developed into the cradle for cultivating high-end talents of statistics, mathematics, and quantitative economics in China. We have laid a solid foundation in the field of social economical statistics, mathematical statistics, financial statistics, applied statistics, quantitative economics and applied mathematics. Our responsibility is to reinforce statistics and mathematics, to provide quantitative methodological supports for all disciplines at CUFE, and to maximum broaden the application in economics and management.  

The research in SAM of CUFE feathers in various areas.  We gain confidence for future from our Chinese Consumer Confidence Index. We draw the analogy between revenue distribution study and finding the path that narrows the gap with world-class universities. Thanks to our research in social networks, we meet friends around the world more easily. Data mining helps us mine the gold in the ocean of data. Imputation accomplishes the incompleteness by means of missing data analysis. Survival analysis helps us understand the complete picture of iceberg by observing tip of it. Research in applied mathematics strengthens the study in finance and its application. Big Data certainly brings us to the frontier of statistics and provides us with enormous potential in finance. 

At SAM of CUFE, we always pursuit the excellence in research and teaching; we create the new knowledge scholars in economics and management; we train for prospective leaderships;  we advocate the philosophy of science; we emphasize practice and operation; and we manufacture a model for government, industry, education and research that brings benefits  to our students and their parents and the society.


Students, scholars, guests, and job seekers, from China and abroad, are most welcome to visit and join our stunning group, School of Statistics and Mathematics at Central University of Finance and Economics.

Yang Liu

Dean of School of Statistics and Mathematics

Central University of Finance and Economics Sincerely,