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LIU Miao
[Publish Date]: 2012-11-13 [visited]:



Address:  Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China,100081

Tel:   8610-62288522

Email:  miao.liu51@gmail.com


Research Interest

1.      Text mining and machine learning

2.      User behavior analysis



1.       Ph.D., 2008.09-2011.07,School of Statistics , Renmin University of China, BEIJING

2.       M.S., 2005.09-2008.07,School of Statistics, Capital University of Economics and Business, BEIJING                



Lecturer, 2011.07 ~now, School of Statistics, Central University of Finance and Economics.



1.       Miao Liu, Xiuquan Qiao, Wangli Xu,Three categories customer churn prediction based on the adjusted Real Adaboost,《Communications in Statistics –Simulation and Computation, Volume 40, Issue 10, 2011.

2.       Miao Liu, Xiaoling Lu, Jie Song and Xizhi Wu, Hierarchical Classification Model Based on MD Feature Selection Method, ICNC'11 and FSKD'11, 26-28 July 2011,1812 – 1815.

3.       Miao Liu, Xiaoling Lu, Jie Song and Xizhi Wu, A New Feature Selection Method for Text Auto-Categorization, CSIE 2011.

4.       Xiaoling Lu, Jie Song, Miao Liu and Xizhi Wu , A New Two-Group-Forecast-and-Selection Method for Direct Marketing,Communications in Statistics –Simulation and Computation, Volume 40, Issue 10, 2011.

5.       刘苗,谢邦昌(2009), 基于概率潜在语义分析(PLSA)Adaboost算法的文本分类技术研究,《统计与决策》, 19,21-24,2009

6.       刘苗,刘敏,谢邦昌,R软件与云端技术为平台的统计资料分类框架构想,《数据分析》, 5(6),45-53,2010



1.      Time series Analysis

2.      Modern Statistical Software

3.      Experimental Design

4.      Exploratory Data Analysis


Academic Experience

1.       The Study of “statistics modeling and analysis on the online shopping comment data”, Humanities and Social Sciences Project of Ministry of Education, (No. 11YJC910004)

2.       The Study of “Service Context Prediction Theory and Key Technologies based on Human Cognitive Mechanism”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, (No.60802034)

3.       The Study of “Income distribution relationship analysis in the development of economy”, Natural Science Foundation of China,(No.02BJL005)

4.       The Lab of Data Analysis and Economic Simulation                                            

Accomplished survey reports and accomplished proposals about the postgraduate students’ education situation.

Participated in the Beijing social economy and living level index project, mainly complete the faith index researching and reporting.


Honors and Awards

1. Excellence Award for graduates. in Renmin University of China,2011

2. Outstanding student cadre in Renmin University of China,2010

3. Excellent students prize in Renmin University of China,2009

4. Outstanding student cadre for excellent job of volunteer association in Capital University of Economics and Business,2006