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LIU Yang
[Publish Date]: 2012-11-13 [visited]:



PhD Supervisor,

Dean, School of Statistics of Central University of Finance and Economics


Contract information :

Dean, School of Statistics Central University of Finance and Economics

39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China100081

Tel: 8610-62288248

Fax: 8610-62288420

Email: liuyang080831@126.com; y.liu@cufe.edu.cn


Research Fields:

Economic Statistics

Macroeconomic Statistical Analysis

National Economics

Income Distribution



1997.6:  PhD (Economics),  Department of Economics , Central University of Finance and Economics

1987.6: Master Degree (Economics),  Department of Statistics, Beijing institute of Economics

1982.6:Bachelor Degree (Economics), Department of Statistics, Beijing institute of Economics


Academic Experiences:

2006. 9—present: Professor, PhD Supervisor, Dean and Party Secretary, School of Statistics, Central University of Finance and Economics

2003.8 —2004.3:  Senior Visiting Scholar, Development Strategy Research Center, the University of Victoria, Australia

2003.8 — 2004.8: Senior Visiting Scholar, the University of Sydney, Australia

2003.4 — 2006.9: Professor, PhD Supervisor, School of Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

 2000.9—2003.3: Professor, PhD Supervisor, Director, Department of Scientific Research, Central University of Finance and Economics

1997.9—2000.9: Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Economics and management, Central University of Finance and Economics

1987.9—1994.9: Lecturer, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Beijing institute of Economics,

 1982.7 —1984.9: Beijing Xicheng District Government Planning Commission

1971.12 — 1978.9:  Xicheng District, Beijing Commercial Bureau Clerk


Selected Publications:

1.       “Does Income growth necessarily result in improved nutrition and balanced nutrition”. Yang Liu, Wei Zou .Economic Perspectives,2011, Vol. 6, 77-81

2.       “Measure of people's livelihood perception: Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis”. Yang Liu, Zeqin Liu, and Chunyu Zhao. Economic Perspectives, 2010, Vol. 9, 35-41

3.       “Analysis of Low-income urban population dynamic change in Beijing and Microeconomic factors causing poverty. Yang Liu, Chunyu Zhao .Urban Studies 2010, Vol. 8, 99-105

4.       “An Empirical Analysis of time-based accounting of Gross National Happiness - The Case of Beijing”, Yang Liu, Wei Zou, Xiao Mei Wang. Social Science of Beijing, 2010, Vol. 4, 48-54

5.       “Research Report on Beijing Residents Perceptions on Livelihood”, Yang Liu et al Economic Science Press , 2010.3

6.       “Research on China's low-income urban groups- Based on the Beijing urban household survey data” . Yang Liu, Chunyu Zhao, Wei Zou. Economic Perspectives, 2010, Vol. 1, 47-52

7.       “Studies on Factors Influencing Rural Life insurance needs”. Yang Liu, Guixiang Zhang .Taxation Research, July 2009, Vol. 7, 35-

8.       “Expansion of resident property income   share in line with economic growth”. Yang Liu, Shaohui Wang.Economic Perspective, June 2009, 59-62

9.       “Residents Income Distribution——A case study of Beijing”, Yang Liu et al , Capital University of Economic and Business Press, 2007.1

10.    “Empirical research on status of National income distribution - Case Study of Beijing”. Yang Liu. Economic Perspective, August 2005

11.    “Empirical Analysis of national income distribution in China at the present stage”. Yang . Liu .Finance and Trade Economics, November 2002

12.    “Discussion of Chinas pattern of national income in recent years also on tax role in national income” .Yang Liu. Tax Research, September 2002

13.    “Empirical Analysis of the current income gap in China”. Yang Liu.Taxation Research, August 2001


Research Projects:

1.       “Research on Measurement Methods and Application of decomposition Distribution of income fair degree - based on Measurement and Analysis the income distribution”, A National Social Science Foundation Key Project, No: 08ATJ002, Host, 2008-2011

2.       “Revenues running theory—Research on Straightening out Resident income distribution relationship” , A National Social Science Fund Planning Project, No.: 01BJL008, Host, 2001-2005

3.       “Correspondence analysis and Application research on the income of rural residents and rural insurance needs”, Major projects of the Ministry of Education Key Research Base, Host, 2006-2009

4.       “Research on Beijing Residents Income Distribution during 10th 5-year period”, Beijing Social Science Foundation "the 10th 5-year " Key planning projects, No. 01BJAJG065, Host, 2001-2005

5.       “Theoretical Research and Empirical Analysis of low-income group’s situation in Beijing”, Beijing Social Science Foundation "the 11th 5-year " Key planning projects, No: 06AaJG012, Host, 2006-2008

6.       “Research on the dynamic changes of Beijing middle-income groups and improvement the proportion of middle-income path”. Beijing Social Science Foundation Key planning projects. No. 10AJG354, Host, 2010-2011


Teaching Courses:

1.       Statistics (Undergraduate Program)

2.       National Economic Accounts (Masters Program)

3.       Macroeconomics Statistical Analysis (PhD Program)


Members and Other Position:

1.       Member , Academic Committee and Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Central University of Finance and Economics

2.       Executive Director, Higher Education Branch of China Statistical Education Association

3.       Member , National Bureau of Statistics China International Statistical Training Center - United Nations Statistics Collaborating Centre for Academic Committee

4.       Executive Director, Chinese Economic Law Research Association

5.       Executive Director, China Industrial Statistic  teaching and research Association

6.       Member , Masters Program of Applied Statistics Professional Degree Teaching Steering Committee  

7.       Member, Outstanding achievements in scientific research of the National Statistics Prize Committee

8.       Executive director , Beijing Economics Association

9.       Director , Ministry of Science and Technology of China Science and Technology Indicators Research Association

10.    Executive Director and Deputy Secretary- General, Beijing Statistical Society

11.    Member, Beijing Social Planning Economics and Management Review Group

12.    Evaluation Expert, Beijing Higher Education Quality Teaching Materials Project


Honors and Awards:

1.       Research on Chinese Residents Income Distribution – Case Study of Beijing: Second prize, 9th outstanding achievements of the Beijing Social Science Research Monograph Award, 2008.07

2.       Empirical Research and Theoretical Analysis of Beijing Residents Income Distribution: Second Price, the 8th excellent statistical scientific research competitions, 2006.08