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MAN Xiangyu
[Publish Date]: 2012-11-13 [visited]:

, Xiangyu

Associate Professor

Address:  Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100081, P.R.China

Tel:   8610-62288548

Fax:   8610-62288420

Email:  manxiangyu@cufe.edu.cn


Research Interest

1. Statistics

2. Risk Management



1. Statistics, China Finance and Economics PressMarch,1999.

2. Industrial Enterprise Management, China Finance and Economics PressSeptember,1999.

3. Statistics, Science of Economics PressJuly,2001.

4.Principle of Statistics: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics PressJanuary,2008

5.Statistics of National Economics: Capital University of Economics and Trade PressSeptember,2008.

6.Statistics: China Statistics PressJuly,2010.

7.Principle of Statistics: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics PressJanuary,2011.



1. Li Dianxiang and Man Xiangyu, ”Determining the growth of tax revenue can not ignore inflation factors”, Taxation Research, Vol. 12,1994.

2. Man Xiangyu, “Deflating price index and its applications in the analysis of macro-financial and tax”, China Statistics, Vol. 11, 1994.

3. Zhang Baojun And Man Xiangyu, ”Balance Analysis Based On Techniques Of Input-output”, Information and Industrial Engineering Academic Conference Thesis Sets of the Tenth National, November, 2006.

4. Man Xiangyu, Zhu Xiji and Zheng Zhicong, “The Optimal Level of Foreign Currency Reserves for Emerging Market Countries”, International Finance ResearchVol.3, 2012.


Research Projects

1. “Research on Metropolitan Statistical System”2007-2008.

2. “Operational Risk Loss Database Building Research”2008-2009.

3. “Research on China's Modernization Evaluation Index System”,2009—2012.

4. “Research on Property Insurance Company Risk Stress Testing”2009—2010.

5. “Research on National Disabled People Status Monitoring and Realization of Well-off Degree”, 2010—2012.

6. “Research on Effect of Social Policy of Disabled People”2012—2013.


Teaching Courses

1. Statistics (for undergraduates)

2. Nonparametric Statistics (for undergraduates)

3. Risk Management & Statistical Model (for postgraduates)


Academic and Social Positions

Director of China Disabled People Cause Development Research Association


Honors and Awards

1. Awarded the second prize of national ninth statistical scientific research for the project of Research on Measurement of China's international trade in services based on the accounting methods in July, 2008. 

2. Awarded the third prize of national tenth statistical scientific research for the project of Beijing real estate industry ripple effect and trend research - based on input-output analysis in December, 2010.