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SUN Zhimeng
[Publish Date]: 2012-11-13 [visited]:



Address:  School of Statistics,Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China 100081

Email: sunzhimeng99@126.com


Research Interest

1. Mathematical Statistics and its Applications.

2. Nonparametric Statistics, Semiparametric Statistics, Complex Data Analysis



 2006.9-2011.7  Beijing University of Technology, Doctor

2002.9-2006.7  Yunnan University,  Bachelor



2011.7-  School of Statistics,Central University of Finance and Economics



1.       Zhimeng Sun(孙志猛), Zhongzhan Zhang, Jiang Du. Semiparametric analysis of isotonic errors-in-variables regression models with missing response. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods.( SCITo appear in April,2012)

2.       Zhimeng Sun(孙志猛), Zhongzhan Zhang. An Estimator of the Semiparametric Isotonic EV Regression Model. Chinese Journal of Egineering Mathematics (2011,28(6),821-831. EI

3.       Zhimeng Sun(孙志猛), Zhongzhan Zhang, Jiang Du. Semiparametric Analysis of Isotonic Regression Models with Missing Response. Journal of Applied Statistics and Management, 2011,30(6),979-988.

4.       Zhimeng Sun,Saiyin Zhang. An Estimator of Monotone Regression Function

5.       with Randomly Right Censored Data. Journal of Beijing University of Technology, 2009, 35(8): 1142-1147.EI

6.       Zhimeng Sun(孙志猛), Zhongzhan Zhang. Empirical likelihood inference of linear transformation models with right censored data. Conference proceedings of 2009 International Institute of Applied Statistics Studies, 2009, 2:1958-1964. ( ISTP)



1.       Mathematical Statistics(Undergraduate)

2.       Regression Analysis(Graduate students)

3.       Nonparametric Statistics(Undergraduate and Graduate students)

4.       Sampling Techniques(Undergraduate)


Honors and Awards

1.       Outstanding Paper Award for 2011 Youth Conference on Probability and Statistics in Beijing and Tianjin.

2.       Third Prize of the Fifteenth of Beijing  Statistical Science discussion Paper in 2009.